In this article the Course Pride editors will look at how to stop procrastinating and start studying for success. 

Finding your focus during studying time can be tricky. This is especially true if you are studying at home.

Procrastinating is the art of doing everything but the thing that you should be doing. Not ideal when you have a piece of coursework to submit, or need to revise for an all-important test.

But avoiding these distractions can be tricky, this is why the Course Pride team have put together our top tips on how to wave goodbye to those distractions and start studying instead.

Close yourself off

Our phones (and the apps or pages on there) has to be one of the biggest distractions out there. When you have scheduled yourself some time to study, you should make sure that it what you do. Turn off your phone.

Close down any tempting social media tabs on your laptop and close yourself off from the world around you. One hour without Snapchat and What’s App isn’t going to be the end of the world. Focus on your studies and stay motivated. 


Learn the best way that you learn

Everyone absorbs information differently. Because the Course Pride learning is done online at your own pace, students will get through the course differently. It is important that you identify the way that you best learn. There are some of us that rely on visual prompts such as plenty of highlighted sections, there are those that need to listen to learn, who could benefit from recording their course material to playback, and there are those who simply need to read things out loud and make sure that they understand it.

Once you know the best way that you learn, you are less likely to become distracted by the world around you.

Have a deadline

If you don’t have a deadline when you need to finish, then you will never get it done. The same goes for deadlines that are far into the future, as this can lull you into a false sense of security that you have plenty of time. Instead, set yourself short timeframes, manageable chunks that you can really work to.

Having these realistic targets mean that you are more able to achieve what you want, and at the end of each one you can give yourself a little reward, such as a good movie night or a tasty takeaway!


Don’t stress

The worst thing that you can do when you have a task to finish is stress out and become anxious about what you need to do. This will lead to de-motivation, and may even mean that you give up completely. Try to relax, and you will find it much easier to focus. Keep telling yourself that you will get there in the end, and you soon will.


Ask for help

If you feel that you are struggling with the work that you have, rather than wasting time trying to make sense of it, it may be worthwhile asking for some help and support instead. This could come in the form of fellow students, or perhaps your teacher, both of which can give you some helpful advice and guidance.


Studying isn’t easy, but there are simple ways that you can make it much more bearable for yourself.

Why not try them out for yourself and see just how much you can learn with a little focus and a lack of procrastination?


We hope you have enjoyed this article from the Course Pride team and if you have any comments or suggestions please put them in the comments section below.


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